Mondays 6.15pm

These classes are for  young puppies – between 9 and +/- 17 weeks when they first join the class. Young dogs over the age of 20 weeks are welcomed into the Juniors classes.

There is much discussion about the benefits of early life experience versus the necessity waiting for full inoculation protection; this is a choice each individual owner must make including advice from their vet, the puppy’s breeder and the characteristics of each breed and each individual puppy. There is no doubt that the first sixteen weeks or so are when puppies’ brains are most receptive to new experiences, laying down future patterns of behaviour and attitude to the world and their place in it.

Paws in Wales is private property, and does not have public footfall of dogs and people. Pre-vaccination puppies are  welcome to attend these classes, at their owner’s sole discretion. Pre-vaccination puppy owners are also welcome to attend without their puppy if preferred, to learn the exercises to practice at home. Handouts will be given  explaining all the exercises covered in class, plus many others that will make your training sessions fun and relevant to life with a growing puppy.

There will be ample time to discuss puppy issues such as biting, toilet training, appropriate play and exercise, neutering and any the other questions you have.

The classes will teach you and your pup the basic skills to start them on the path to becoming confident, happy and well-mannered dogs. It is not about puppies playing together, and the puppies will remain on a lead or long line unless under instruction.

The classes will include: name recognition, ‘Checking in’ or eye contact, sit and/or down settle – bed or crate,walking on a loose lead, meeting and greeting manners, recall and handling.

6.15pm Monday. £30 per puppy per three week blocks, payable in advance to secure your place for the next classes. You may attend as may blocks of three as you wish until your puppy reaches 20 weeks old.