Paws In Wales Dog Training

Paws in Wales is a brand new purpose built dog training centre in West Wales, owned and run by Heather Witty. There is an indoor training barn and permanent outdoor confidence course .

Heather is an Accredited, Qualified and Peer Reviewed Dog Trainer and Behaviourist who is proud to be a member of some of the most ethically rigorous professional bodies in the dog training and behaviour industry. She fiercely believes in dogs’ rights to have their sentience and emotional capacity recognised and respected.

The aim of Paws in Wales is to promote joyful, mindful dog training and compassionate behaviour counselling using up-to-date, scientifically proven and ethically sound methods. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and supportive to promote and enhance learning, confidence and comprehension.

At Paws in Wales every dog and their owner are respected as an individual, with care and attention given to their goals and concerns, enabling owners to gain greater insight of how their dog’s mind works and the role they play as their dog’s guardian and guide. This builds relationships of trust and understanding, allowing the relationship to realise its full potential.

Excellent dog training requires emotional intuition, empathy and acute observation of dogs’ body language as well as the development of proficient and fluent motor skills to teach our dogs. At Paws in Wales the emotional and physical are inseparable, the ease of one determining the attainment of the other.

Heather specialises in 1-2-1 training to concentrate on specific exercises, sport or skills you would like to develop. 1-2-1 training can also overcome training issues that are maybe interfering with your dog’s normal activities or ability to join classes.

All classes and workshops are run by Heather personally. Behaviour consultations take place at the owner’s home or other relevant location.

Most classes and workshops are for friendly dogs only, but she also runs classes specifically for dogs who are less comfortable in the company of others.


Puppy Training

Bringing a new puppy into your lives is exciting, and getting off to the right start is crucial. I offer Puppy Foundation Courses and pre-class home visits

Dog Training

The companionship of a well-trained dog is a great joy, and sharing your life with a dog should be enjoyable and fun. Reliable dogs with good social skills enjoy active and varied lives, and are welcomed in the wider community.


This is the activity every dog would sign up for. Dogs ‘see’ the world through smell, and Scentwork allows your dog the freedom to refine and express their natural skill, providing us with an insight into their world. Scentwork engages your dog’s mind and body, providing a complete and satisfying workout.

Problem Behaviour


These issues are more complex training matters, and among others can include aggression towards dogs or people, separation anxiety and distress, guarding of food or toys and compulsive behaviours