Calmness in company is a life skill that is so difficult to practice in the real world, yet the one of the most important for our dogs to be easy companions out and about.
The perfect on-lead dog walks past other dogs and people with no more than a polite “Good morning.”
No barking or pulling, they settle quietly beside us if we choose to stop for a chat.
If your reaction is “Ha! I wish!” These sessions are for you.
Held in the field and at Paws in Wales your dogs will have the dogs time and space to experience the company of other dogs and people WITHOUT the pressure of close contact, meeting nose to nose or the worry of off-lead dogs.
We will practice loose lead walking in company, call away, ‘cafe/pub’ settle, appropriate distancing for calm dogs during human interaction and dog ignoring dog techniques.
Most of our dogs will not have had much experience of other people and dogs away from home during the last year because of the Covid restrictions, this is the perfect way to help them adjust to life after lockdown
SUNDAY 2nd MAY in the field (Cross Inn Nebo) will be limited to six dogs per group, booking essential. Puppies are welcome to join any group as the dogs will have no close interaction and cars will be parked widely spaced. Puppies under 20 weeks do NOT need to come for a 1-2-1 before attending these sessions.
11.00 12.30 15.00
Please email
These sessions are ONLY for dogs who have previously attended Paws in Wales. All new clients need to attend an assessment 1-2-1, perhaps involving my dogs, before joining a group. £12 per dog per session.
Please email