Come and join Tabby!

Scent Detection Workshops

Two workshops, Sunday 15th April repeated Tuesday 17th April

Both days 10.00-16.30 £60.00 including your own scent detection starter pack.

Passive Indication Scentwork involves teaching our dogs to search for a specific scent, and to give a trained ‘indication’ when they find it.

In this short clip Tabby is searching for the smell of cloves and her indication is to freeze with her nose on the source of the scent.

Tabby has started her passive scent indication away from home. Close, easy find. Job done, clever Tabby!

Posted by Heather Witty Dog Training on Saturday, 3 February 2018

It is an activity open to dogs of all ages and abilities, from puppies to the old or infirm.
Dogs find Scentwork deeply satisfying, both the search and the find. To them it is the equivalent of a really good book or movie.

All those attending the workshop will receive a scent kit to take home.