Paws in Wales is open for 1-2-1 training and 1-2-1 household with multiple dogs or people.

The emphasis for the next few months will be very much to help our dogs rediscover, develop and hone the social and life skills that will help them bridge the gap between their lockdown lives and what may well be a busy summer.

During 1-2-1 sessions we concentrate entirely on what will be most useful or enjoyable for you and your dog.

Most of our dogs, and especially the Pandemic Puppies will have had little chance to practice their meeting, greeting and ‘walk on by’ manners. Some will be over-enthusiastic, some shy and some bullish. 1-2-1 training allows you to teach them appropriate behaviour at their own pace, moving on to using my dogs to practice their social skills.

The restricted access to open spaces may mean your dog’s recall is not as quick and reliable as it might be and the limitations on our choice of walk destinations will have meant some dogs have learned to arrive full of excitement for their walk, pulling on their lead, whining, barking and generally over the top. 1-2-1 is the best environment to work on this so you start your walks feeling calm and in control

Some of our dogs will be lucky enough to have been not much affected by the lockdowns. 1-2-1 training is the perfect environment to have a go at or develop their activity skills in Scentwork, Obedience, Parkour, Tricks, Rally, Jumping or any mixture you like. I have been teaching my dogs Hurdling Scent. It is great fun, more information to follow…..

Unlike classes 1-2-1’s are led by you; you tell me what you would like to work on, practice or have a go at. I will build your session around that.

I will not be starting regular classes as soon as we are allowed to mix more freely. I  propose instead to hold occasional group workshops of 4-6 dogs.

Rather than a formalised lesson structure you will have access to the facilities of PiW (including me!) to work on your individual goals from your 1-2-1 time here, in the company of other dogs who will also doing their own thing. I will balance the energy, activity and social skill level of attendees’ dogs so all gain maximum benefit.

Priority for these sessions will be given to previous Pawsers and those who have had 1-2-1 training this year.

Owners of new puppies are encouraged to come for 1-2-1 sessions to learn the basic exercises. When you and your pup have confidence and an understanding of recall, lead walking etc you may join one of the group sessions to continue your puppy’s learning in a more ‘real life’ situation than a purely puppy class.

Please make bookings and enquiries via email wherever possible Payment may now be made by cash, bank transfer, card or contactless payment.

Reluctantly I have made the first rise in fees since Paws in Wales was launched.

1-2-1 and 1-2-1household at Paws in Wales is £35 for ¾ hour, classes £12 for the full hour.

1-2-1’s give you plenty to work on at home, so you may choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly option. Home visits and Behaviour consultations are available, please email to discuss your requirements.