Active Scent Discrimination Workshop

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Date(s) - 12/05/2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Paws in Wales


Scent Discrimination has us marvelling at the sophistication of dogs’ nose-work abilities as they identify one scent among many others.
They are able hold to the memory of a new scent, and then discard that memory once they have made the find and move on to another.
In this workshop you will teach your dog to ‘take’ the scent you give them, and then find a hidden article bearing that same scent. Because our dogs are not Bloodhounds we keep to scent until our dogs are expert at finding their hidden treasure, even ignoring such tempting decoys as toys, tennis balls and real sausages!
Once the dog has found the article they bring it back to their handler. This is called an Active Indication.
This is an entry level workshop so no experience is necessary, though dogs need to have a good understanding of bringing a toy or ball back to you.
Scent Discrimination is suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities. Dogs work one at a time.
This workshop can be booked alone or in conjunction with Treiball in the afternoon.
£24 per workshop which includes a 20% discount to celebrate the opening of Paws in Wales purpose build training barn.